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The Everlasting Gospel of the Apocalypse

The Everlasting Gospel of the Apocalypse is a study on the First of the Three Angel’s Messages of Revelation 14, which is the final warning the world shall hear before the Second Coming of Christ. This study explores the incredible truths which God is seeking to direct people's minds to in order that they will not receive the Mark of the Beast and the subsequent wrath of God.

48 Pages

Also available in a study guide format!

Table of Contents:

1. Fear, Give Glory to, and Worship Who?

Who Made All Things?

Who is the Judge?

Who is the Exalted One to be Worshipped and Given Glory?

2. Fear God

3. Give Glory to God

4. The Hour of His Judgment is Come

The Standard of the Judgment

5. The Forgotten Commandment

Answering Objections

An Interesting Story


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