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Testing Two Prophets

Have there been any more prophets since Jesus’ ascension? Is so, how can we discern who is from God and who isn’t? In Testing Two Prophets we shall see 7 Biblical tests which ALL true prophets must pass to be considered genuine, and then we shall apply this test to two of the most well-known prophets of the 19th century.

60 Pages

Table of Contents:

Tests of a True Prophet

#1. True Prophets will (a) not Contradict Prior Revelation & (b) Will Uphold the Law of God

#2. Things Prophets Foretell Must Come to Pass

#3. True Prophets will Exhibit Physical Signs When in Vision

#4. True Prophets will not be Involved in Spiritualism and the Occult

#5. True Prophets will Acknowledge the Biblical Incarnation

#6. True Prophets will Edify the Church and will not Condone Sin

#7. True Prophets will be Known by their Fruits

The Two Test Subjects

Testing Joseph Smith & the Mormons

Testing Ellen White & Historic Seventh-Day Adventism

Comparison Chart

A Note on Inspiration

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