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Unity>Truth?, by Darryl Eberhart

Darryl Eberhart

What's so wrong about ecuminism, or the coming together of different religions and putting away differences? The answer may surprise you.

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Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition (Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2006) defines the term “ecumenism” as follows: “1 the ecumenical movement among Christian churches 2 the principles or practice of promoting cooperation or better understanding among differing religious faiths”

The second definition above sounds very nice – and practical – on the surface. However, relatively few evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and Protestants are aware of the following:

1. The ecumenical movement among Christian churches is being controlled and orchestrated, especially at its highest levels, by the Jesuit-controlled Roman Catholic Church-State (i.e., Papal Rome).

2. The ultimate goal of the ecumenical movement is to bring all non-Catholic denominations, associations, movements, etc. (within Christendom) under the umbrella of a “one-world religion” that will be controlled by Papal Rome. (The pope is to be the titular head of this “one-world religion”, with the Jesuits controlling it from behind the scenes.)

3. Roman Catholicism, although it has a very thin “veneer” of Christianity, is far more pagan than Christian, deriving many of its doctrines and practices from the ancient Babylonian pagan religion. If you doubt this, then please read one or more of the following books (listed alphabetically): “A Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Hunt, “Babylon Religion: How a Babylonian goddess became the Virgin Mary” by David W. Daniels – illustrated by Jack T. Chick, “Babylon Mystery Religion – Ancient and Modern” by Ralph Edward Woodrow, “Roman Catholicism” by Dr. Loraine Boettner, “Roman Catholicism: Past & Present” by David Cloud, and “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop. (You may have to do a “google-style” search on the Internet to find used copies of some of these books.)

4. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, commands biblical separation from unbelievers, including those who pretend to be Christians, but who are not. (Please see Second Corinthians 6:14-18.)

5. Being unequally yoked with Papal Rome can only result in the loss of freedom of conscience, the loss of religious liberty, and the loss of the other freedoms that Americans dearly cherish!

Please carefully consider the following quotations dealing with the topic of ecumenism:

“Post Vatican II [Ed.: the Council] euphoria has bewitched Protestants into thinking that the ‘new Catholicism’ is not the ‘old Catholicism’. Yet an examination of Vatican II documents makes it clear that there has been a change of ‘image’, but not substance; that there has been no real change in any of the basic doctrines that caused [Ed.: Reformer Martin] Luther [Ed.: 1483-1546] to stand against the Roman Catholic denomination.” – Bartholomew F. Brewer (former Roman Catholic priest of the Discalced Carmelite Order)

“The truth of God at the 16th century Reformation delivered millions from sacerdotal tyranny [Ed.: i.e., the tyranny imposed upon the laity by the Roman Catholic priesthood] and the ‘traditions of men’. It is the duty of every Christian to watch against all encroachment upon this precious [Ed.: religious] liberty.
"Yet many today, disguised as evangelicals, call good evil and evil good. To combat social, cultural and moral decay, they willingly ignore the fact that Roman Catholicism is paganism in a new garb. The crying need today is for discernment, to distinguish between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. [Ed.: Studying the entire Bible will give us such discernment!] The Church’s need is sanctified fear – the passion to please God more than the culture. To substitute orthodoxy with heterodoxy [Ed.: i.e., doing so by the forsaking of some solid Biblical truths in this instance] because of some shared scriptural truth like the Trinity or the deity of Christ – because of some common experience like speaking in tongues, healing and other nonbiblical experiences, is patently wrong. These blind leaders of the blind, these thrill seekers who like to dance with eyes shut, will never raise a voice against the false doctrines, evil intentions and emerging program of the papal Church.” – Bartholomew F. Brewer (former Roman Catholic priest of the Discalced Carmelite Order)

“Inability to discern the paganism of Romanism [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholicism] springs undoubtedly from a deep spiritual blindness. Disturbing enough, this would speak of a fundamental ignorance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself on the part of many claiming to be Christians.
"Perhaps for the majority, ignorance of the Vatican constitution [Ed.: i.e., the system of fundamental rules, principles, and ordinances of the Roman Catholic Church-State] merely stems from a simple lack of being informed. For [Ed.: far] too many, however, ignorance of popedom [Ed.: the Papacy] comes as the result of a deliberate choice. It grew in preference for acceptability, personal benefit, and the praise of men.
"To have squarely faced the issue of [Ed.: Roman] Catholicism with frankness and sincerity of heart, the individual would have paid a price. It cost [Ed.: a number of] the reformers and other millions their very lives…” – Wilson Ewin (Canadian Christian writer and author; “You Can Lead Roman Catholics to Christ: New World Order Edition”; Quebec Baptist Missions; 1981; Page 25)

“The entire ecumenical movement is far advanced in its efforts to bring all religions of the world together…under the canopy of the Vatican.” – Wilson Ewin (Canadian Christian writer and author)

“Beware of Romanism [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholicism] and beware of any religious teaching which, wittingly or unwittingly, paves the way to it… For Christ’s sake…let us not drift back to Romish [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholic] ignorance, superstition, priestcraft [Ed.: “the stratagems and frauds of priests”, according to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary], and immorality. Our fathers tried Popery [Ed.: “the religion of the church of Rome, comprehending doctrines and practices”, according to Webster’s 1828 Dictionary] long ago, for centuries, and threw it off at last with disgust and indignation… Too often, for fear of giving offence, we neglect to show our people the real nature and evil of Popery… Think twice before you give way to the prevailing tendency to favor Popery and go back to [Ed.: Papal] Rome… The times require of us a renewed sense of the evils of Romanism…” – J.C. Ryle (1816-1900; Evangelical leader of the Church of England)

“But how can people living in an enlightened world be so unaware of [Ed.: Papal] Rome’s dark and violent history? [Ed.: Some examples of Papal Rome’s violent history include six centuries of “holy” Inquisition, numerous papal crusades against Bible-believing Christians in southern France and northwestern Italy, and the Roman Catholic Fascist State genocide against Serb Orthodox Christians in Croatia during World War II, etc.] How can people with college degrees be so uninformed when it comes to the tragic excesses, the persecution and the spiritual slavery that exist in some parts of the world even today? How can intelligent men and women be so utterly unconscious of the threat imposed by [Ed.: Roman] Catholicism against the heritage of freedom that most Americans hold dear?” – John B. Wilder (“The Shadow of Rome”; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan; 1960; Pages 8, 9)

“Christians should not allow themselves to be aligned with the false religion of Rome [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholicism]. They [Ed.: i.e., various Roman Catholic prelates] may cry ‘separated brethren’ all they want. The facts are that [Ed.: Bible-believing] Christians have nothing in common with the sacraments and antichrist doctrines of [Ed.: Papal] Rome. They never have and never will.
…All those who dance with [Ed.: Papal] Rome long enough will soon realize that it is a one-way street if you want [Ed.: Papal] Rome as a partner.” – Robert M. Zins (Author of the book “Romanism: The Relentless Roman Catholic Assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ”)

I have a number of books that expose the grave danger posed by the ecumenical movement and/or that deal with the topic of the push for a “one-world religion”. Some of these books “name [the] names” of those evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and Protestants who have either “sold out” to, and/or have compromised with, Papal Rome – or, who are Papal “agents” masquerading as evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and Protestants! (We must keep in mind that even the Apostle Paul “named names” of those who, in his time, presented a danger to the true Church of Jesus Christ!) I will list on page 3 the books I currently possess on the above-listed topics, and I will also try to provide some current order information. (If no order information is provided for a particular book, then you may wish to do a “google-style” search on the Internet to try to find a new or used copy of that book.)

BOOKS dealing with ecumenism and/or the push for a “one-world religion” (listed alphabetically by title):

1. “All Roads Lead to Rome?: The Ecumenical Movement” by Michael de Semlyen (1993): Richard Bennett’s May 2010 Catalog describes this 212-page paperback book as “good background material for [the] study of the ecumenical movement put on by the Roman Catholic Church to lure Evangelicals back to Rome.” It lists this book at $10 postage paid (to U.S. locations – payment in U.S. dollars only). Please make check or money order payable to “Richard Bennett”, and mail it to: Richard Bennett // P.O. Box 192 // Del Valle, TX 78617-0192.

2. “Billy Graham and His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?” by Dr. Cathy Burns (2001; Publisher: Sharing, Mt. Carmel, PA): The Chick Publications 2010 catalog describes this 788-page paperback book as follows: “Is Billy Graham the pope’s ‘pied piper?’ Dr. Cathy Burns shows how Billy Graham’s simple gospel was compromised by his friendship with Rome and other ecumenical leaders. This opened the door for many evangelicals to become unequally yoked with these unbelievers. Over 500 pages of documented proof [Ed.: are provided].” The May 2010 Chick Publications Order Form lists this book (Product #260) at $21.95 plus S&H. To order this book via credit card, please call Chick Publications at 1-909-987-0771 (8 A.M.-5 P.M. Pacific time).

3. “Evangelicals & Rome: The Ecumenical End Times ‘Church’” by David W. Cloud (1999; Third Edition, February 2006; Publisher: Way of Life Literature, Port Huron, Michigan and London, Ontario): This 380-page paperback book “names” a whole bunch of “names” of those evangelicals, Baptists, fundamentalists, and assorted Protestants who have compromised – and/or are compromising – with Papal Rome in the ecumenical movement. The price for this book, as of June 2010, is $19.95 plus S&H. To order this book via credit card, please call Way of Life Literature toll-free at 1-866-295-4143. (Excellent, well-researched book!)

4. “On the Edge of Apostasy: The Evangelical Romance with Rome” by Robert M. Zins (1998, 2005; Publisher: White Horse Publications, Huntsville, Alabama): This 284-page paperback book covers the irreconcilable differences between Bible believers and Papal Rome. (Please search the Internet for this book.)

5. “Protestants & Catholics: Do they Now Agree?” by John Ankerberg & John Weldon (1995; Publisher: Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon 97402): This 297-page paperback book covers the irreconcilable differences between Bible-believing Christians and Papal Rome. (Please search the Internet for this book.)

6. “Standing Room Only: A Contemporary Exposé of the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Agreement” by Philip De Courcy (1999; Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International; ISBN 1-889893-12-9): This 385-page paperback book shows how the Roman Catholic Church has departed from Biblical truth, and quotes many sources to back up its allegations against the “traditions” of Roman Catholicism. The first chapter in the book is entitled, “Divided We Stand, United We Fall”, and it deals with the ecumenical movement. (It tells how Bible believers in the past stood against the unscriptural doctrines of Papal Rome.) This book is available from The Conversion Center for $14 postpaid (to U.S. locations). To order a copy, please make check or postal money order payable to “The Conversion Center, Inc.” and mail it to: The Conversion Center // P.O. Box 31688 // Raleigh, NC 27622-1688. (If ordering from outside the U.S., call 1-919-782-6140 for information on S&H.)

7. “The Chilling Significance of Pope John Paul’s October 22, 1996 Address: The One-World Church” by Canadian Christian Wilson Ewin (1997; Publisher: Quebec Baptist Missions, Compton, Quebec): This 32-page paperback booklet covers Pope John Paul II’s comments on evolution; has photos of many of the top persons involved in the ecumenical movement; etc. (It is available from The Conversion Center for $5 postpaid to U.S. locations – see item #6 for information on how to order it.)

8. “You Can Lead Roman Catholics to Christ (New World Order Edition)” by Wilson Ewin (1961; latest edition: September 1991; Publisher: Quebec Baptist Missions, Lennoxville, Quebec): This 159-page paperback book covers the irreconcilable differences between Bible-believing Christians and Papal Rome. (Available from The Conversion Center for $10 postpaid to U.S. locations – see item #6 for information on how to order it.)

9. “Under the New World Order: Evangelicals, Catholics, and Israel – Conspiracy of the Ages” by Wilson Ewin (1996; Publisher: Quebec Baptist Missions, Compton, Quebec): Search the Internet for this 118-pg book.

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