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Masters of Torture and the Forgotten Holocaust, by Darryl Eberhart

Darryl Eberhart

Many Christians have forgotten about the horrific torture and genocide which was committed in the name of Christ during the dark Ages. Many today use this as an excuse to disbelieve the Bible and Christ, but little do they realize that this cruel power was actually a masterpiece of Satan.

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Here are some facts about certain “masters of torture”, most of which are generally not found in history textbooks and encyclopedias here in America:

• “Inquisition” (per Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language; meaning #4): “In some [Ed.: Roman] Catholic countries, a court or tribunal established for the examination and punishment of ‘heretics’. This court was established in the 12th century by ‘father’ Dominic, who was charged by Pope Innocent III with orders to excite [Ed.: Roman] Catholic princes [Ed.: i.e., rulers] and people to extirpate [Ed.: i.e., destroy completely] ‘heretics’.” [Ed.: “Heretics” were often innocent Christians who dared to read the Holy Bible, and/or who disagreed with “papal authority” or unscriptural Roman Catholic doctrines.]

• Author Dave Hunt, on page 261 of his book, “A Woman Rides the Beast”, tells us the following about the Inquisition: “The Medieval Inquisition had flourished for centuries when Pope Paul III, in 1542, gave it permanent status as the first of Rome’s Sacred Congregations, the ‘Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Inquisition’. Known more recently as the ‘Holy Office’, its name was changed in 1967 to the ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’…”

• Author F. Tupper Saussy, on page xviii of his book, “Rulers of Evil”, tells us the following: “…The Roman Inquisition…had been administered since 1542 by the Jesuits.” On page 304 he tells us: “Pontifex Maximus [Ed.: i.e., the pope of Rome] has laundered the Inquisition’s name twice. In 1908, Pope Pius X renamed it ‘the Holy Office’, which [Ed.: Pope] Paul VI transformed into [Ed.: the] ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ in 1965.”

• Author Dave Hunt states: “To wring out confessions from these poor creatures [Ed.: during the various Inquisitions], the Roman Catholic Church devised ingenious tortures so excruciating and barbarous that one is sickened by their recital.” (“A Woman Rides the Beast”; Page 80)

• Bishop William Shaw Kerr, a Church historian, tells us: “The most ghastly abomination of all was the [Ed.: Roman Catholic Church’s] system of torture. The accounts of its cold-blooded operations make one shutter at the capacity of human beings for cruelty. And it was decreed and regulated by the popes who ‘claim’ to represent [Ed.: Jesus] Christ on earth…”

• Roman Catholic author Peter de Rosa, a former Jesuit, tells us on pages 175 and 176 of “Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy”: “Of eighty popes in a line from the thirteenth century on, not one of them disapproved of the theology and apparatus of Inquisition. On the contrary, one after another added his own cruel touches to the workings of this deadly machine.”

• Author John Daniel states: “It is so very hard today to imagine how anyone could watch and inflict systematic tortures [Ed.: as occurred during the so-called “Holy Inquisitions”] designed to bring its victims the most severe and agonizing pain, to the very point of death, yet denying death, and then start the process all over again – even on an animal, much less another human being.” (“The Grand Design Exposed”; CHJ Publishing; 1999; Page 13)

NOTE #1: To learn more about torture, religious genocide, and Inquisition, read Dave Hunt’s book, “A Woman Rides the Beast”, and Jack Chick’s book, “Smokescreens”.

NOTE #2: To learn more about the horrors of Papal Rome’s Inquisition, please watch the 58-minute minute video, “The Inquisition: 605 Years of Papal Torture and Death”, with speakers Richard Bennett (website: and Michael de Semlyen. This video can be seen at .

Here are some facts about a brutal 20th century holocaust, most of which are generally not found in history textbooks and encyclopedias here in America:

• The German Army invaded Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941, and installed a puppet government. In May of 1941 the independent Fascist state of Croatia was proclaimed. It was allied with the Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The Fascist state of Croatia was a “marriage” between Fascist State tyranny and Roman Catholic ecclesiastical tyranny.

• A brutal holocaust occurred in Roman Catholic Fascist Croatia from 1941 through 1945. This holocaust – a Church-State genocide that occurred in the 20th century – was planned by two Roman Catholic Jesuit prelates, Aloysius Stepinac (the Archbishop of Zagreb), and Ivan Saric (the Archbishop of Sarajevo); it was instigated and led by Roman Catholic Franciscan priests, monks, and friars; and it took the lives of up to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children.

• This Roman Catholic religious genocide against Serb Orthodox Christians included many acts of cruelty and torture. Some of the Serb Orthodox Christians were given the choice of conversion to Roman Catholicism or death (i.e., “forced conversions” – “convert or die”)!

• The Roman Catholic paramilitary force, the Ustashi, carried out this brutal religious genocide against innocent Serb Orthodox Christians. It is important to repeat that this genocide was choreographed and led by Roman Catholic clergy – mainly Franciscan priests, friars, and monks – some of whom served as cruel concentration camp commandants.

• The Roman Catholic Ustashi “killing squads” impaled children alive on stakes; crucified Serb Orthodox Christian priests to wooden doors; burned, buried, and flayed people alive; raped, ravished, savaged, and mutilated young girls and women; gouged out eyes; cut eyes out of sockets in order to make “eye necklaces”; crushed skulls; and committed other barbaric acts.

• Edmond Paris, author of the book “The Secret History of the Jesuits”, reports that Pope Pius XII was “so pleased” to hear that the brutal dictator of Croatia, Ante Pavelic, was a “practicing [Ed.: Roman] Catholic”. Paris also lets us know that on July 22, 1941, Pope Pius XII “received one hundred members of the Croatian Security Police… This group of Croatian SS, the pick of the executioners and torturers operating in the concentration camps, were presented to the ‘Holy Father’ by one [Ed.: individual, i.e., Zagreb’s Police Chief] who perpetrated crimes so monstrous that his own mother committed suicide in despair.”

• Edmond Paris reports the following statement that was made by Mile Budak, Croatian Minister of Worship, in August of 1941: “The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Ustashi movement is based on [Ed.: the Roman Catholic] religion. All our work [Ed.: which included vicious torture and mass murder] is based on our loyalty to religion and the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church.”

• In fact, the Vatican signed Concordats (i.e., treaties) with Fascist Italy (1929) and Nazi Germany (1933) – and supported the Fascist states of Europe throughout World War II.

NOTE #1: Avro Manhattan’s book, “The Vatican’s Holocaust” deals with this genocide in Croatia from 1941 through 1945.
NOTE #2: Three books, “The Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmond Paris, “A Woman Rides the Beast” by Dave Hunt, and “Smokescreens” by Jack Chick, all examine the genocide in Croatia during World War II.

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