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Knights of Malta, by Darryl Eberhart

Darryl Eberhart and Sean Sutton

Considering the connection between the Jesuit controlled Knights of Malta and the international intelligence agencies. Did you know almost ALL of the past CIA Directors were Knights of Malta??

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Here are some facts about the Knights of Malta, most of which are generally not found in history textbooks and encyclopedias here in America:

• The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (i.e., SMOM; the Knights of Malta) is a Roman Catholic religious-military order that is headquarted in Rome with the Jesuit Order. The Knights of Malta is controlled by the Jesuit Superior General (i.e., the “Black Pope”).

• The Knights of Malta is the modern version of the old “Order of the Hospital of St. John” (or, the Hospitallers). (The Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights, and the Knights Templar were founded as Roman Catholic religious-military orders in the 12th century.)

• When the Knights Templar Order (whose members had become the international bankers of their day) was suppressed in 1312, much of its enormous wealth was passed on to the Knights of St. John (which later became known as the Knights of Malta).

• During World War II, several Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta headed up top intelligence operations: (1) William “Wild Bill” Donovan was head of the OSS [i.e., the Office of Strategic Services – which later became the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)]; (2) German General Reinhard Gehlen was head of Nazi intelligence on the eastern front; and, (3) Prince Anton Turkul, who used Jesuit priests for couriers, was the head of Soviet intelligence.

• Knight of Malta (and German general) Reinhard Gehlen was brought to the USA after World War II. Reinhard Gehlen and William Donovan worked together to set up the CIA.

• According to author Eric Jon Phelps, members of the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta, who have been “Director, CIA”, are: Allen Dulles (who was also a high-level Freemason), John McCone, William Casey, William Colby, George Tenet, and Leon Panetta (see end for more names)

• The decades-long chief of Counterintelligence at the CIA was Jesuit-controlled Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton – who also headed up the “Vatican” and “Israel” desks at the CIA. Angleton was also the CIA liaison to the “Warren [whitewash] Commission” that conducted a major cover-up to protect the real conspirators involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK).

• According to Eric Jon Phelps, author of “Vatican Assassins”, several other Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta were involved either in the JFK assassination or in the subsequent cover-up: Clay Shaw (CIA contract agent and international industrialist); Lee Iacocca (then Director of the Dearborn Division of Ford Motor Company – he “took care of” the presidential limousine evidence); and Cartha DeLoach (then Assistant Director, FBI – and the FBI liaison to the “Warren [whitewash] Commission”).

• Two Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta, Henry Robinson Luce and William Randolph Hearst, were very powerful “players” in the publishing world.

• Several Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta have been big players in the world of banking. Here are a few, according to author Eric Jon Phelps: Joseph Larkin (Chase Manhattan), Martin F. Shea (Morgan Bank of NY), and Francis X. Stankard (Chase Manhattan). Phelps says that, according to Martin Lee, the Morgan Bank of NY has a telex to the Knights of Malta.

On top of all that, almost ALL of the Directors of the CIA have been either a Knight of Malta, Freemason, educated at a Jesuit University, or was affiliated with a different Jesuit-Illuminati controlled society. Here is a list of CIA Directors (and a few Deputy Directors) who have connections to the Jesuit Order or are globalists. To see similar lists exposing modern Jesuit coadjutors in the Biden administration, checkout my book "Protesting the Babylonian World Order and the Agencies of Antichrist," available in the Store.

◦ William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan (Founder of OSS [predecessor of CIA], 1942-1945)
▪ Knight of Malta, Phi Beta Kappa, Catholic Colleges, Catholic
◦ Allen Dulles (1953-1961)
▪ Knight of Malta, Freemason, JFK Connection
◦ John A. McCone (1961-1965)
▪ Knight of Malta, CFR1
◦ Richard Helms (1966-1973)
▪ MK-Ultra experiments
◦ Vernon A. Walters (1973)
▪ Knight of Malta, Jesuit educated at Stonyhurst
◦ William Colby (1973-1976)
▪ Knight of Malta
◦ George H. W. Bush (1976-1977)
▪ CFR director, Knight of Malta, Freemason, Skull and Bones, Phi Beta Kappa
◦ Stansfield Turner (1977-1981)
▪ Rhodes Scholar
◦ Frank C. Carlucci (DD2, 1978-1981)
▪ Knight of Malta
◦ William Casey (1981-1987)
▪ Knight of Malta, Jesuit educated at Fordham
◦ William H. Webster (1987-1991)
◦ Robert Gates (1991-1993)
▪ Jesuit educated at Georgetown, CFR, Bilderberg attendee
◦ R. James Woolsey Jr. (1993-1995)
▪ Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholar
◦ John M. Deutch (1995-1996)
◦ George J. Tenet (1996-2004)
▪ Knight of Malta, Jesuit educated at Georgetown, CFR
◦ Porter Goss (2005-2006)
▪ Book and Snake secret society at Yale
◦ Michael Hayden (2006-2009)
▪ Catholic College, CFR
◦ Leon Panetta (2009-2011)
▪ Jesuit educated at Santa Clara
◦ David Petraeus (2011-2012)
▪ Jesuit educated at Georgetown, CFR, TLC Bilderberg attendee
◦ John Brennan (2013-2017)
▪ Jesuit educated at Fordham
◦ Mike Pompeo (2017-2018)
▪ Bilderberg attendee
◦ William Burns (2021-)
▪ CFR, Catholic College

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