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Heavenly District Court Summons

A spiritual lawsuit has been filed against you! This Heavenly District Court Summons will help inform you, the Defendant, of what Satan, the Plaintiff, has accused you of, and what Christ, your Attorney (should you choose to work with Him), is doing on your behalf, and how you should live while on probation.

60 Pages

Also available in a study guide format!

Table of Contents:

Three Types of Judgment

Investigative Judgement in the Bible

Entering a Not Guilty Plea in the Book of Life

Who Shall be Involved in the Investigative Judgment?

The Defendants

The Judge

The Accuser & Plaintiff

Our Attorney & Witness

What are we Judged According To?

Will We be Sinning Until Jesus Returns?

Where are Our Words & Works Recorded?

The Book of Remembrance

The Book of Wickedness

The Judgment in Type and Antitype: The Sanctuary

The Earthly Sanctuary a Copy of the Heavenly

Sins Transferred to the Lamb of God

Sins Transferred from the Sacrifice to the Sanctuary

The Day of Atonement: Cleansing the Sanctuary

The Day of Atonement = Judgment Hour

Sins Transferred from the Sanctuary to the Scapegoat

The Beginning of the Antitypical Day of Atonement

The Seventy Week Prophecy

The 2,300 Days

Judgment of the Living and the Perfection of the Saints

Measuring the Temple

Parable of the Wedding Feast

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